Winged fire-flame

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Mystic Animals



 Hayate: Artemis’s spirit guardian/animal/compainion. He’s rather young and sometimes naïve but feels very strongly about protecting Artemis and Ayako. He has his human form and such as most spirit animals do but usually stays in his lion form. His wings can be hidden when he wishes them to.He’s caring but can be very aggressive and angry for no reason as he is still younger than most and doesn’t quite know how to contain his animal side.

 Hayate's human pic:



 Black_Tiger.jpg harimau black image by anggi_ina

 Suzaku: One of Kari’s newest spirit animals if not the newest. Suzaku is a black, winged, saber tooth tiger.  He is working his way up the ladder in both respect and power. He is obedient but at times his resolve falters and he acts like a child or a little lost puppy dog. He’s growing up faster in the world that he’s been placed into though which is good. He also has wings like her other spirit animals.

Suzaku's Human pic:


 Kaito: The head of Kari’s animal pack. He has been around much longer than the rest, and is Kari’s first spirit partner. He knows everything about her, and can read her easily despite the enigma that she is. He can be cute, but also very ferocious to those who are spiteful and cruel to animals, or his pack [Kari’s friends, family, spirit partners, etc]. Even though he was born an animal, he can change into a human form he learned over time.

Kaito's human pic:

Fanart.jpg anime guy with black hair and brown eyes image by skye126


 Kentaru: Is another of Kari’s spirit animals. He is a dragon, but sits in the same circumstances as Kaito is, as Kentaru can change into a human form as well. He likes it more than being in his dragon form and usually resides in it when possible. Kentaru can also change sizes as needed. He is highly obedient and wise [as dragons are].

 Kentaru's Human pic: